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.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Loud Tone.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Loud ToneOur best selling item. 100 needles per package.
.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Soft Tone.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Soft ToneFor a softer sound to better hear the nuances of the recording. 100 needles per package.
Bamboo or Fiber NeedlesBamboo or Fiber NeedlesUnique, mellow tone. Requires a special needle sharpener tool, not included.
Edison Diamond Disc Needle. $90 plus s/hEdison Diamond Disc Needle.  $90 plus s/hIf your phonograph reproducer can move to play hill and dale recordings, you will be able to play your Edison Diamond Disc records with this needle.
Pathe Sapphire NeedlePathe Sapphire NeedlePathe Sapphire Needle

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