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.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Loud Tone.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Loud ToneOur best selling item. 100 needles per package.
.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Soft Tone.Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Soft ToneFor a softer sound to better hear the nuances of the recording. 100 needles per package.
Bamboo or Fiber NeedlesBamboo or Fiber NeedlesUnique, mellow tone. Requires a special needle sharpener tool, not included.
Edison Diamond Disc Needle. $90 plus s/hEdison Diamond Disc Needle.  $90 plus s/hIf your phonograph reproducer can move to play hill and dale recordings, you will be able to play your Edison Diamond Disc records with this needle.

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