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We specialize in products for the mechanical music collector.

We sell reproduction steel phonograph needles, bamboo or fiber needles, original and reproduction phonograph parts, original records, vintage radios, player piano rolls and whatever else strikes our fancy.  

You will want to stop back often as we constantly add and change our inventory.   If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to e-mail or call us and ask.  If you want to buy several items, feel free to call or e-mail to check if the items can be combined for a savings on shipping.   

Please be assured that all of our items are clearly described and when they are reproduction, you will be told that they are reproduction. 

Our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Steel and Bamboo Needles




Christmas Recordings

78RPM recds

 78rpm Jazz and Dance Bands 1910 thru 1935

 78rpm Big Band and Jazz Bands 1936+

 78rpm Country Western

World War I recordings

World War II recordings

2 minute cylinder records


Large Center Hole Records, Busy Bee Records



4 minute cylinder records

4 min Jazz and Dance 1910 - 1929

4 min Marches

Edison Diamond Disc record

Pathe Records



45 RPM Records

Sheet Music

Piano Rolls


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