• How often do I change the steel phonograph needle?

For an acoustically recorded record, you can use the same steel needle for three to five plays.  For an electrically recorded record, change your steel needle with every play.

  • How do I tell if my 78 rpm record was acoustically recorded or electrically recorded?

There are many different ways to tell, depending on how knowledgeable about record labels you are, but a good rule of thumb is to look at the outer edge of the record.  A smooth starting edge indicates that the record was acoustically recorded.  An edge with starting grooves indicates an electrically recorded record.  When in doubt, assume the record was electrically recorded for determining how often to change your needles.

  • Why do I have to change my steel needles so often?

Our needles are designed to wear instead of wearing the record.  The more information recorded on the record, the more often you need to change your phonograph needle.

  • What do I do with the used steel needles?

Discard used needles.  Do not reuse them or you will damage your record.

  • How often do I change the bamboo or fiber needle?

After each play, whether the record is acoustically or electrically recorded, you must sharpen your bamboo or fiber needle. 

  • If I want several records, must I pay the full shipping on each one?

No, we will gladly combine records and quote shipping on the lot.  However, this does require an e-mail from you as our website software will not do this automatically.  Let us know your name, ZIP code and the items you are interested in purchasing.  We will pack them and calculate the shipping cost.  We will then add an item under the Specials category with your name and a description of the combined lot.  Select this single item and proceed to the checkout to pay for the lot.  

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